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Thank you for your interest in the South Florida Wellness Network.  We welcome your questions, comments, and feedback.  You may call us directly at (954) 533-0585, or send us an email message to  We strive to respond to all messages as quickly as possible, but please allow up to 48 hours for a response.


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  1. Christy siegmann says:

    Hi Gretchen it’s Christy siegmann, daughter of Christian siegmann who is dating Sharon. I met you back in early June and signed up for the wonderful opportunity you and the staff have established there. I was sorry I was no longer able to continue going there. I am now currently living in New Smyrna Beach FL, I haven’t been able to properly obtain the kind of help I am in need of to move forward in anyway of saving my life. If there are resources, places, you have knowledge of around me to assist in helping me sooner then later,I hope, I greatly appreciate it. I know company’s and reach outs do there best, I just want to say thank you now for your time.

  2. Firstinea Burnside says:

    Hi, my name is Firstinea Burnside and I am a staff at BARC I had singed up for the Support Peer Specialist position, Mr : Gillian Stedman could you please give me a call (954) 822-9860

    Firstinea Burnside (CBHT)

  3. Lori Jo says:

    Extremely interested in being trained for WRAP segue into joining your Team down the road for gainful employment at The South Florida Wellness Center…

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